Saturday, November 17, 2012

Beef Pochero

Sometimes, us loungly mother’s are bothered of what menu to cook for the day. At times we do not know what serve. But when we know basic cooking, we just tend to create and cook what we think of. Is that cooking instincts or what? For pork lovers… here is a simple dish… so let’s cook…

Beef Pochero Recipe

  • ½ kl. Pork Ribs slice.
  • 3 medium size potatoes cut into half dip in water set aside.
  • 8 pcs. Baguio beans slice 2 inch long.
  • 2 pcs. medium size carrots. Slice into circles.
  • 1 medium size cabbage. Slice into ¼ pcs.
  • 2 tbs. cooking oil.
  • 4 heads garlic pound.
  • 2 pcs. medium size onions slice.
  • 2 pcs. medium size tomatoes slice.
  • 3 pcs. Long Chili (Sili Mahaba).
  • 1 Knorr Pork stock cube.
  • Ajinomoto mono sodium glutamate (optional).
  • Magic Sarap all in one seasoning granules.

How to cook Pochero

  1. Heat oil in cooking pot. Sauté garlic till golden brown, sauté onions till golden brown add tomatoes, sauté till cook.
  2. Add Pork and sauté 2 minutes.
  3. Add water just enough to cover the pork. Boil till pork is tender. Remove pork froth as it boils.
  4. Salt to taste.
  5. Add the potatoes, carrots, baguio beans boil till half cook.
  6. Add the long chili (sili mahaba) and cabbage.
  7. Add the Knorr pork stock cube.
  8. Dash of Ajinomoto mono sodium glutamate (optional)
  9. Dash of Magic Sarap all in one seasoning granules. Boil till vegetables are crispy. No not overcook the vegetables.

Guidelines in meal planning:

  • Make a food plan. Consider main dish and the ingredients.
  • Buy food that are in season especially vegetables and fruits. They are cheaper during their season.
  • Consider alternatives or substitutes of vegetables ingredients to use to meet the budget.
  • Prepare two sets of weekly menus. Menu may be used alternately so that family members may not have to eat the same food week after week.
  • Try to cook and serve simple easy to prepare but yet nutritious foods.
  • Avoid serving the same kind of food containing the same food nutrients in one meal.
  • Alternate the serving food of different textures and flavors. Example: chicken, cook fried chicken for today, adobo chicken tomorrow and chicken Tinola for the next day.

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